He Gets 15

Earlier this past week I posted about the incident that occurred in Boston that resulted in Pittsburgh Penguins defensemen, Brooks Orpik to be taken off the ice on a stretcher with a concussion. 

Orpik's concussion was a result of Boston Bruins forward, Shawn Thornton, hitting Orpik multiple times in the head after throwing Orpik down to the ice.

As I predicted in my post earlier in the week, I thought Thornton would get somewhere between a 5 and 7 game suspension. However, it was reported today, that after Thornton's in-person hearing with the Department of Player Safety on Friday; Thornton would receive a 15 game suspension. 

With viewing the video of the injury again and after watching the analysis by Brendan Shanahan from the Department of Player Safety, it only makes sense that Thornton receives a 15 game suspension. 

Thornton could have ended Orpik's career with a serious injury. It only makes sense that Thornton receives a 15 game suspension. Thornton's retaliation was uncalled for. As seen in the video, you can see that Thornton was looking for a fight earlier in the game. With this in mind, the refs should have kept an eye on Thornton, especially after he took off towards the scrum.

I'm not blaming the Orpik injury on the refs. All I am saying is that Thornton was looking for a fight and when this occurs, the refs tend to keep a closer eye on the player to ensure that something like this does not happen.