Rookie of the Year

I know it's still early for this but I want to take a look at the possible Rookie of the Year. This is a hard one, there are a couple guys that I think could be the Rookie of the Year. That is, if the season ended today. My two candidates come from two great Western Conference teams, the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings

My first candidate for Rookie of the Year would be the 20 year old, Czech center for the San Jose Sharks, Tomas Hertl. Hertl is currently leading the NHL rookies with most points at 25 and most goals at 15.

I know that goals and points aren't the only thing that matters when a player is voted to be Rookie of the Year. I am also putting this into consideration the fact that Hertl only has 2 penalty minutes in the 35 games he has played so far. Hertl is also a conservative player on the ice, he isn't a showboater, does not embarrass his opponent, unless you're a Rangers goalie. Hertl is just a respectable player.


My next candidate for possible Rookie of the Year would be the 23 year old, Canadian goalie for the Los Angeles Kings, Martin Jones. This guy has yet to lose a game, improving his record to 7-0-0 after another impressive game against the San Jose Sharks on Thursday. Jones is also leading the rookie goaltenders as well as the league in most shutouts, 3. 

I recently did an analysis on Jones, so I'll keep this one short. Jones is great at what he does, stopping pucks from crossing the goal line. Jones also has one of the best save percentages in the league at .971 and a goals against average of .85. 

He has yet to let in more than two goals in one game. Let me also mention that Jones has really had to step it up after being recalled from the Kings minor league affiliate, the Manchester Monarchs, due to Jonathan Quick being placed on long-term injury reserve as he struggles to get healthy after sustaining a groin injury more than a month ago. 

Jones had some pretty big skates to fill and he has done a fantastic job. 

It will be interesting to see who will be voted Rookie of the Year come the end of the season. Could it be Hertl or Jones? Or will it be someone else?