Roadies With the Boys

The true caliber of a team isn't only measured by their overall record. To measure durability as well as team caliber, you have too look at how the team plays on the road. Playing on the road, is somewhat of a challenge for players. Being away from home, family, and fans is always hard for not only hockey players, but athletes in general. You don't have the same atmosphere playing on the road as you would if you were to play at home. There are fans and players who hate you and want to see nothing more than you off the ice. A great player and team knows how to turn this hate into motivation. 

Let's take a look and see which teams do this the best.

Out of the East, we have the Detroit Red Wings. Despite their recent struggles to get a win, the Red Wings have the best away record in the Eastern Conference. With an away record of 11-3-3, the Red Wings do know how to ignore the away players fans and score when they need to. Needless to say, the Red Wings do have a solid fan base across the league and highly respected by other fans, players, and teams. Might I also mention that the Red Wings away record is better than their home record, a surprising losing record of 6-9-6. 

Out of the West, we have the 2013 Stanley Cup winners, the Chicago Blackhawks. The Hawks have always been a solid team. Winning two cups in the past five years, the Hawks know how to play, and win on the road. An impressive away record of 13-5-1 the Hawks know what they are doing, especially since there are a few teams and many fans in the league who could care less about the Hawks.

If a team cannot preform at away, it will be hard from them to make it far in the standings which means no playoff appearance. So the real question is, is it better to have a better home record, or a better away record? Personally it would be better to have a slightly worse home record than an away record because this shows the durability of your team and shows the other teams in the league that you can compete under intense pressure.