Top Ten in the Last Ten

The true caliber of a team is not only determined by their current win streak, or how many points they currently have. A huge factor in determining the true caliber of a team is how they've  preformed in their last ten games. A team that could have had a rough start at the beginning of the season could have found their niche and visa versa. 

Let's take a look at the top ten teams with the top "last ten games" record. Starting with number ten:

10) Florida Panthers (6-3-1): The Panthers are 26th in the league, this however does not stop them from showing up to every game ready to play. They have talent and they are learning how to use it. 

9) New York Rangers (6-3-1): The Rangers have always been a solid team. I'm surprised to see them so low in the standings especially with star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist between the pipes.

8) Ottawa Senators (6-3-1): Early season losses have not seemed to affect Ottawa. With a surprising four game win streak, Ottawa is more than meets the eye. 

7) Chicago Blackhawks (6-0-4): Your 2012-13 Stanley Cup Champions have always been a solid team. With so much talent on the team, I would expect them to be closer to number one. Than again, tender Corey Crawford has returned from injury only four days ago.

6) San Jose Sharks (7-3-0): San Jose has been a surprisingly good team in the past couple of years. Making it to playoffs last season and a projected playoff contender this season, the Sharks are a team that gets circled on the game calendar. 

5) Philadelphia Flyers (7-2-1): After a terrible beginning of the season performance, the Flyers have made a complete turn-around. Keep an eye on them, big things are to come from these "Bullies". 

4) Tampa Bay Lightning (7-2-1): Even without star player Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay has been able to skate with the big dogs. They have a lot of hidden talent that they know how to use.

3) St. Louis Blues (7-1-2): St. Louis is another team that has made its mark on the league. Making playoffs last season and starting the season 4-0, the Blues are here to stay. 

2) Pittsburgh Penguins (8-2-1): The Penguins have been a team that has a great hockey history. It's not a surprise that they are fourth in the league and second in the rankings. 

1) Anaheim Ducks (9-1-0): At the beginning of the season, I'm pretty sure not many people would have picked the Ducks to lead the league in points. The Ducks have great talent as well as veteran leadership. This is what makes them first in the standings. 

Even though a team may not be the best points wise, if they know how to string together wins, they will move up in the league standings.