Nine Teams, Two Goalies, A center, and a Draft Pick

Yesterday was a big day for many players and teams in the NHL. A couple of huge monumental trades occurred as well a few shocking endings to the three games that occurred. Just a little overview of how this will work, I'll first talk briefly about the games then I will ease my way into the trades and explain them in more detail. Can you tell it's the first full week of classes for me? I'm sounding like an introductory college professor.

Some pretty crazy stuff happened in the three games last night. Starting with the game in Anaheim; not only did the Ducks beat the Vancouver Canucks 9-1, they scored a total of six, yes six power play goals. 

This is essentially an embarrassing slap in the face to Vancouver's penalty kill. Needless to say, Vancouver went through two net minders. Next, the game in Toronto. There isn't much to say about this other than the fact that the Leafs nearly lost to Buffalo, took them to a shootout only to win 5-4. And the Leafs haven't won a game in regulation in their past 27 games. Lastly, the Wednesday Night Rivalry game in Pittsburgh. First off, another wrongful score prediction on my part, although I did predict a Pittsburgh win with a score of 4. This game could have been a possible Washington win if it wasn't for Ollie Maatta's late game winning goal to edge the Caps 4-3.
Now for something a little more interesting, the trades. Two goalies, a center, and a draft pick. The teams involved; Nashville, Edmonton, and Los Angeles. No the Kings didn't give up Quick and the Preds did not give up Rinne. It's a little more interesting than that. 
  • Nashville acquires goalie Devan Dubnyk from Edmonton for center Matt Hendricks.
  • Edmonton, who is now without a starting goaltender, acquires goalie Ben Scrivens from LA for a 2014 third-round draft pick.  

First off, Edmonton giving up their starting goaltender for a 32 year old center who only has two goals this season, probably not the smartest move. Just by looking at his stats, he will more than likely be leading the third or fourth line for the Oilers. I don't know about you, but I don't really see what Edmonton saw in Hendricks. 

As for Nashville, acquiring Dubnyk, smart move on their part. With Rinne entering the next phase of rehab for hip sugary, he won't be returning anytime soon. Dubnyk, even though he isn't the best goalie (.894 save percentage and a goals against average of 3.36) he will add depth to the Preds goalie roster especially with the Preds defensive line in front of him. 

Bad move Edmonton. Good move Nashville.

Edmonton got hit with reality when they realized that all they really had left to mind the net was Mr. Universe, Ilya Bryzgalov. Lucky for them, Los Angeles was willing to give up backup goaltender Ben Scrivens. All LA really wanted, a third-round draft pick. If you look at this trade you might think that LA got screwed over. They "don't" have a backup goalie and all they got was a third-round draft pick. This is not all entirely true. If you remember, Jonathan Quick was out for a while with a groin injury. 

Scrivens temporarily took Quick's spot, and Martin Jones from Manchester temporarily took Scrivens spot. This trade only means that Jones will now get the back-up spot which is not only great for him, but also for the Kings goalie roster. Personally, I like Jones' play style. He is a natural born goalie. Edmonton will benefit for this trade, they acquired an exceptional goalie. Hopefully Edmonton will benefit from this trade and will be able to turn their losing record around. Good move Edmonton. Good move Los Angeles. 

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