Stadium Series: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago

A question that has been raised more than once, "Are the Stadium Series games good for hockey?"  It's a question I have been asking myself ever since I heard about the NHL proposing the idea of hosting more than one outdoor game this season. 

So far, the Stadium Series games have been nothing but a success for the teams participating as well as the NHL, especially with a combined total of 104,204 fans in attendance in only two games. You look at the average price of a ticket going for around $254; that's a lot of money. 

The first game took place at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and featured the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. Yes, thats right, and out door hockey game in the California sun. 

Needless to say, the NHL ice crews did a fantastic job at maintaining the ice perfect for a hockey game. The game ended with Los Angeles getting shutout 3-0 by the Ducks. All in all, the "game" seemed to be a success, with beach volleyball tournaments going on and a concert by KISS, the California fans had more than enough to keep them busy. 

The second game took place at Yankee Stadium in New York and featured the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers, who will be playing at Yankee Stadium again on Wednesday against the New York Islanders. 

This game was a little colder than the one in Los Angeles with temperatures hovering around the mid teens. That didn't stop fans from coming to see their team play. It also didn't stop the two teams from playing. A final score of 7-3 in favor of the Rangers is more than enough to prove that these teams enjoy playing outside and putting on a great show for the fans. 

As I mentioned earlier, the next Stadium Series game is on Wednesday featuring the Rangers and the Islanders. To wrap up the Series, the Chicago Blackhawks will host the Pittsburgh Penguins on March 1 at Soldier Field in Chicago.  

Now comes the question, "Are these Stadium Series games good for hockey?" Personally, I feel like the NHL has gone a little over the top with all the outdoor games this season. Six in total. My reason being is that all of the Stadium Series games are taking away the outdoor game experience. Originally it was the Winter Classic and occasionally the Heritage Classic. With the introduction of more outdoor games, they will become more of a routine experience rather than a unique experience. 

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