Sochi Schedule

After my "Sochi Preview" post, I wanted to give you guys some more on the Olympics, mainly the layout of the schedule of who is playing. After giving it some thought this weekend, I essentially decided to give you guys a bulleted list of Round Robin play and who is playing on what day and at what time. Please note that all starts are Eastern Standard Time. I want to apologize in advance for the lengthiness of the list but I feel like it's the best way to present it. The games highlighted in red refer to the game of the day by The Hockey News Magazine.

Wednesday, February 12

  • Czech Republic vs. Sweden (12pm)
  • Latvia vs. Switzerland (12pm)
Thursday, February 13
  • Finland vs. Austria (3am)
  • Russia vs. Slovenia (7:30am)
  • Slovakia vs. USA (7:30am)
  • Canada vs. Norway (12pm)
Friday, February 14
  • Czech Republic vs. Latvia (3am)
  • Sweden vs. Switzerland (7:30am)
  • Canada vs. Austria (12pm)
  • Norway vs. Finland (12pm)
Saturday, February 15
  • Slovakia vs. Slovenia (3am)
  • USA vs. Russia (7:30am)
  • Switzerland vs. Czech Republic (12pm)
  • Sweden vs. Latvia (12pm)
Sunday, February 16
  • Austria vs. Norway (3am)
  • Russia vs. Slovakia (7:30am)
  • Slovenia vs. USA (7:30am)
  • Finland vs. Canada (12pm)

Bracket play does not begin until Tuesday, February 18. Once everyone qualifies, I will be providing the schedule, teams, and times just like I did above. Please subscribe or continue reading. Thank you.