Stamkos Returns

I'm sure most of you remember what happened on, November 11, 2013. Especially if you're a Tampa Bay Lightning fan. For those of you who don't remember; mid way through the second period in a game in Boston, Lighting superstar, Steven Stamkos hit the goal post causing his tibia to break. 

As you can see in the video, Stamkos attempts to get to his feet. The injury sustained is so great, Steven lays back down on the ice awaiting to be taken off via stretcher. Stamkos was taken to a near by hospital. X-rays confined that he did indeed sustain a tibial shaft fracture and would have to go under the knife to repair it.  

Within a few months of surgery, Stamkos was back out on the ice staking, working on stick handling. This was a huge step in recovery for the Lightning superstar. Lightning fans as well as Stamkos fans everywhere couldn't wait to see their superstar back out on the ice playing.

Especially with Stamkos being such a crucial part of the Lighting scoring squad. They sure didn't have to wait long. It was announced yesterday that Stamkos would return to play before the Olympic Break. It was also noted that Stamkos will be representing team Canada in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Stamkos is expected to make his return debut on Saturday, February 8 when the Lighting host the Detroit Red Wings at 7:00pm. Expect a huge turnout since it is Stamkos' return. It is also the last game before the Olympic Break begins. 

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