St. Louis Takes Over

This may be old news to some, but Martin St. Louis has been called to take over Steven Stamkos's position on the 2014 Team Canada Olympic Hockey Team.

After Stamkos was ruled "unable to compete" by doctors on Wednesday, due to his leg not being at 100%, Team Canada was in a scrabble to find someone to take his spot. There were two guys in question, Philadelphia Flyers captain, Claude Giroux, and Stamkos's teammate and captain, Martin St. Louis

Claude Giroux was a high contender for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. After being named captain of the Flyers last season, and having a great last season, he was expecting to get the call this past year to be informed that he would be playing on the Canadian team in Sochi. The call never came. I think its safe to say, everyone was a little surprised by the decision to keep Giroux out of the roster, regardless of Giroux's slow start at the beginning of the season. Giroux would have been an essential asset to the Team Canada roster, he is currently ranked 8th in the league for assists at 37.

Martin St. Louis, like Giroux was passed over on making the 2014 Team Canada Roster. This came to a huge surprise to pretty much everyone. St. Louis is one of the better players in the league, sitting at 25 goals and 30 assists so far this season. St. Louis stats aren't the only thing that would make him a great candidate to take Stamkos's spot, it's also St. Louis on ice knowledge that would put him above the competition. Not many people know, but Martin was not drafted, in fact, he was told that he would probably never play in the NHL due to his size, 5'8", 180lbs. He is now the captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning as well as Stamkos's replacement on the Team Canada Roster. It was no real question that St. Louis would be picked to take over Stamkos's position. I feel like he will be a good fit for Team Canada.

Many people expected St. Louis to take Stamkos's spot. Even though I am a huge Philadelphia Flyers and Claude Giroux fan, I expected and felt necessary that Team Canada's general manager, Steve Yzerman, picked St. Louis over Giroux. St. Louis has more experience than Giroux, especially since St. Louis has been playing in the NHL eight years longer than Giroux.