Men's Hockey: Olympic Prediction

Ladies and gentlemen, the Opening Ceremonies are over and competition begins. Sadly, Men's Hockey doesn't begin until Wednesday the 12th. Women started play today. Even though competition has not started yet, I'm sure you're all wondering who will be taking home the medals. 

Fourth Place: Sweden

Nearly everything I've read says that Sweden will be taking home the Bronze this year. They were a justifiable contender for a medal, last week. That was before it was announced that forwards Henrik Sedin and Johan Franzen were ruled out due to injury. Even though these are just two guys, the other teams have greater depth. And teams like Russia, who have the home country advantage, and Canada, who are looking for another gold, will be looking to perform to the best of their ability.

Bronze: Russia

With home country advantage, Russia has a lot of pressure to medal during these winter Olympics. Russia would love to win gold, however, the North American teams have the depth that will put them over Russia. Not to say Russia doesn't have depth and leadership. They have some great players in Alex Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk, and Evgeni Malkin. The pressure to win gold or silver might also be too much for Russia, resulting in the Bronze.

Silver: USA

Losing to Canada four years ago left a bad taste in the American's mouth. With that in mind, you would think that the American's would have chosen some guys over another. That's a different story. Great goaltending from Miller, Quick, and Howard as well as solid scoring ability, expect the American's to finish with Silver again this year in a fantastic game against the Canadians.

Gold: Canada

The Canadian's will do it again. A great game against the Americans for the Gold will determine who is the true Hockey Nation. Regardless of the fact that Stamkos will not play, the Canadians have a solid back up in Martin St. Louis. The Canadian's scoring ability is second to none, expect high scoring games when the Canadians play the shallower teams. With a solid defensive core as well, the Canadian's take home the gold again.

With the Olympics starting up, expect a lot of Olympic posts and predictions. Thank you for reading. Please subscribe or continue reading.