Women's Hockey: Olympic Prediction

Opening Ceremony last night, competition today. Women's hockey is underway in Sochi and so far the teams are off to a good start. The US women beat the Finns: 3-1 and the Canadian women beat the Swiss: 5-0. Much like the men, I'm sure you are all wondering who will take home the medals. 

Fourth Place: Finland

The Finnish women have a solid goaltender in Noora Raty. They are a tough team to beat, however, with the eliteness of the American's and Canadian's, it will be difficult for the Finns to squeeze into a medal spot.

Bronze: Russia

Much like the Russian men, the women have the home country advantage. They are medal thirsty especially since they won bronze at worlds, the Russian women will be looking for a bronze repeat this year in Sochi.

Silver: Canada

The Canadian's have a solid women's hockey team. They are strong in every position. They are favorites to win gold and will give any team they play a run for their money, however, the American's should be able turn the tables on the Canadians.

Gold: USA

The American's have one of the more consistent women's teams. They have the depth as well as the talent to beat the defending gold medalists in Canada. The leadership that the American's have in Amanda Kessel and Julie Chu is also second to none.

I won't be posting about the women's teams as much as the men's just due to the fact that more people know about the men's teams. That doesn't mean I won't post about the ladies. I will do my best to keep you all updated on both.