Seattle Bound?

Most of you remember during the offseason when there was a possibility that the Phoenix Coyotes would no longer be a team and the franchise would be moved up to Seattle. All of this is still a possibility. 

A few weeks ago it was announced that at the start of the 2014-15 season the now Phoenix Coyotes will be changing their name to the Arizona Coyotes. Why the change? The original franchise (Phoenix Coyotes) essentially went bankrupt and it had to be sold. If you know anything about bankruptcy, the organization has to change its name since the original one no longer "exists". It is also believed that with the Phoenix Coyotes becoming the Arizona Coyotes, it will draw more fans from across the state rather than just in the Phoenix region. Let's be honest, changing the name from a city to a state isn't gonna do much of a difference, hockey is mainly a northern sport and playing hockey in the desert just doesn't seem right. 

Personally, I believe that they should have move the Florida Panthers to Seattle. Seattle is growing into a pretty well known sports hub with the recent Super Bowl victory by the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle; Washington State for that matter, would be a great place for a hockey team. The WHL of the CHL currently has four junior hockey teams (Seattle Thunderbirds, Tri-City Americans, Spokane Chiefs, and Everett Silvertips) in Washington State. With hockey already a big part of the area it only makes sense to have an NHL team there. Seattle is still in the talks. NHL deputy commissioner, Bill Daly, announced yesterday that having an expansion in Seattle is still a possibility. My reason for choosing Florida, they are way too far in the hole and fans do not go to games. The organization essentially gives tickets away for free just to get people to go.

Now the question is, will the NHL have an uneven 31 teams or will they move a team to Seattle? Send a team to Seattle and change their name would be the best route. It's been done multiple times, the Atlanta Thrashers were sent up to Winnipeg, now known as the Winnipeg Jets, the Hartford Whalers were sent down to North Carolina, now known as the Carolina Hurricanes. It would be possible to do. The NHL should have sent the Coyotes to Seattle, there needs to be more Pacific northwest hockey. It would give the sport more of an original northern feel. There are too many "southern" hockey teams and it kind of defeats the purpose of the true meaning of hockey. Also, the fan base out there would boost overall revenue in the NHL as well as the economy in the area would boost with another professional sports team out there.