Sweet Repeat

First off, I'd like to say congratulations to the United States Women's team on winning silver and the Switzerland Women's team on winning bronze. 

After upsetting the United States in the prelims, the Canadian women were looking for another upset and they got it. The Canadians have Shannon Szabados to thank for the win. She faced multiple United States shots. She also had a solid defensive core to thank for sacrificing their bodies and blocking shots. The offense had a rough start during the first two periods but they were able to get it together in the last period and get around the strong United States defense and pull out the win. 

Two late goals to force an overtime only boosted Canada's thirst for the win. Marie-Philip Poulin, the lady who scored the game winner in 2010, wanted to ensure that Canada brought home the win with a power-play goal.

The key to the Canadians win was the great forechecking throughout the whole game. The Canadians were able to force the United States to take shots that they normally wouldn't take. The physical play of the Canadians was also a huge factor in pulling out a second win against the United States. The United States was not used to physical play of Canada. Even though they played them in the prelims, the Americans faced even more physicality which ultimately brought the gold medal home for the Canadians.