Four Year Flashback

The final whistle has blown, Canada has defeated the United States in a close game.

Both teams came into this game knowing what was on the line, a chance to make a run for the gold. The Canadians wanted a repeat of 2010, beating the United States to take home the gold. The United States wanted to prove that all they were the better hockey team.

The United States wanted to prove to the world that they had a better team than what everyone was saying. They proved this in the game against Russia when TJ Oshie lead the team to a win in shootouts. Not only did the States want to repeat this performance against the Canadians, but they also wanted to redeem themselves after a heartbreaker four years ago in Vancouver, when they lost to the Canadians in shootouts. If the Americans wanted this to happen, they would have to make crisp clean passes, and shoot often. They would also have to keep the forechecking up in order to minimize the amount of shots Canada took as well as break up passes that could lead to scoring chances. 

Unfortunately for the Americans, the game plan was switched. The Canadians did everything the States should have done if they wanted to win the game. The Canadians forced the United States to take shots that they more or less wouldn't have normally taken. The forechecking played a huge role in Canada's victory, passes were broken up and turnovers were forced, and the defense played out of their minds. They were able to find the American's Achilles heal right from the start and they used it to their advantage. They were able to score early in the second and maintain the lead and shutout for the rest of the game.

For the Americans, Jonathan Quick played some of the best goaltending of his career, the only goal he let in was a tip by Jamie Benn; Quick misread the play, thinking it was a pass, and by the time he figured out what was going on, the lamp was lit and the puck was in the back of the net. Mind you, this all happened within a second and a half. 

The States will play Finland tomorrow. The winner of this game will take home the bronze medal. Canada will face off against Sweden on Sunday. This game will determine who take home the silver and who takes home the gold. Will be it Canada or will the black horse of Sweden upset the defending world hockey champions?