Shutout the Medals

If a 1-0 shutout to the Canadians wasn't bad enough, a 5-0 shutout and no medal is just embarrassing. This outcome is defiantly not where the States would have liked to end their Sochi run, medal-less and shutout twice in a row. 

This was never even thought of last week during round-robin play. The States were the favorites to win silver, if not gold. More or less, the States took the entire world by surprise, especially after a great 5-2 win over the Czech's. This is where things got a little out of hand for the Americans. They would lose to the Canadians, a 1-0 shutout which was not what the United States expected because this meant that they would take home the bronze or take home nothing, a huge step down from four years ago when the Canadians forced an overtime which lead to the United States taking home silver and the Canadians, gold. 

With this in mind, the United States more than likely thought that the worse they could do is not medal. And not medal they did. The States were set to face off against the Finns. The first period was pretty quiet, no scoring and only a handful of penalties. The second period, the Finns started to show the States that they wanted to medal more than anything, two goals would be scored by the Finns within the first minute and a half, coming eleven-seconds apart. The first coming from veteran, Teemu Salanne, the second coming from forward, Jussi Jokinen. The third period is when the Finns essentially took the medal right off the Americans necks. Three goals would be scored, the third coming from Juuso Hietanen, the fourth, Salanne, and the fifth and final goal, Ollie Maatta. 

What happened to the Americans? After a devastating loss the day before against their border rivals, then having to play again the next day, the States did not have enough time to recollect themselves. They had a bad taste in their mouths coming into this game and the final result defiantly showed it.