Canucks Coaching Situation

Is John Tortorella's future with the Vancouver Canucks coming to an end?

It's no question that the Vancouver Canucks are on a downward spiral when it comes to winning games and moving up in the standings. But who is to blame? There's a couple factors playing in this situation. First, you can say that the team isn't preforming well and their play style and chemistry needs to change. Then there is the coaching and how it's the coaches job to get the team on track. Both statements are true in this case, however, one is more of an issue than the other; that's the coaching. 

Just for some background information, Tortorella was named head coach of the Vancouver Canucks at the end of the 2012-13 season after being fired by the New York Rangers. The Canucks were in search of a head coach since they had just fired head coach, Alain Vigneault. Essentially what occurred is that the Rangers and the Canucks switched head coaches.

Now the answer to the first question, 'Is John Tortorella's future with the Vancouver Canucks coming to an end?' First off, Canucks GM, Mike Gillis, has in fact stated that the team is struggling. It's no question that they are. The team will come into a game expected to win, take the Heritage Classic for example. The Canucks were by far the favorites to win the game, however, after some changes to the goaltending the day before as well as an injury sustained, the Canucks ended up falling to the Ottawa Senators, 4-2. The Canucks would have a losing streak of three as they hosted the Calgary Flames, who they ended up beating 2-1. The game that got the attention of the front office was March 10 game against the visiting, New York Islanders. Vancouver had full control of the game going into the third period; the score was 3-0. The Islanders went on a seven goal skid in the third only to beat the Canucks, 7-4. 

It could be argued that the team just gave up in the third period and "became over confident". This is more or less not the case; it's the coaches job to season and discipline their players so they are able to play high caliber hockey until the final whistle is blown. Mind you, the Canucks allowed three power play goals in less than four minutes. So is it Tortorella's fault that Vancouver has been struggling? Essentially, it is. He has failed to season his team to their full potential. Might it also be mentioned, the Canucks went into the Olympic Break with a losing record of seven. Also, the 2012-13 Canucks were able to make it to the playoffs, granted they got swept by the San Jose Sharks, but they made it to playoffs. The 2013-14 Canucks are more than likely not going to make it to the playoffs; if they continue playing the way they are. If this is the case, Tortorella will once again, be without a job.