Bring Out The Brooms: Possible NHL Playoff Sweeps

It is more than likely that this first round action could see its fair share of sweeps. 

Everyone speculated, with the way the first round match ups were set, that there wouldn't really be a possibility for a sweep, and if we did, there would be one or two. However, with the way some of these teams have been playing, the possibility of a sweep or two or five is growing. 

The first possible sweep could come on Tuesday as the Montreal Canadiens face-off against the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 4. 

Montreal currently leads the series 3:0, a win on Tuesday will knock the Lightning out of the playoffs thus moving the Habs to the second round. There is no question that each team knows whats on the line. Either you go home early or you move on. The Habs have the location advantage in this Game 4 matchup, they will be playing at home in front of their faithful, the thing is, the Lightning have been a team that plays well on the road. They finished up the regular season with a road record of 21-17-3. The thing is, the Habs already have to foothold in the series and will be looking to move on quickly. Luckily for them, they have a solid goaltender, Carey Price, between the pipes. He will play a crucial roll on Tuesday's game.

A surprising series has come out of the Chicago/St. Louis matchup. Chicago, the defending Stanley Cup Champions are down 2:0 in the series despite the two overtime games that they have been played already. 

I'm not trying to say that the Blues have had some lucky breaks, but they have; they've also been playing on home ice. This could possibly change as Chicago is set to play game three and four on home ice. The downside to this is that the Blackhawks will be without star defenseman, Brent Seabrook, who is out for three games. It's a possibility that he is done for the season; that is, if St. Louis can continue winning games. Luckily for the Blues, star forward, TJ Oshie returned to the ice for Game 2 after being injured during the last week of the regular season. 

Now for the shocking outcome of the California series between the Sharks of San Jose and the Kings of Los Angeles. There is no question that the Sharks are known for choking in the playoffs, but the Kings? They won the Cup back in 2012, they should have a solid team that's hungry for another taste of glory. Unfortunately for the Kings, the way they've been playing makes it look like this is their first rodeo; especially after a detrimental loss on Easter by a score of 7-2. 

The question that arises is, "What's going on with the Kings?" It really comes down to one thing, goaltending. Jonathan Quick has been ugly out there. Allowing three goals in the second and four goals in the third on the Easter Sunday game. It's that kind of play that makes you wonder how the Kings made it to the post season or how was Quick on the Olympic Roster. Well, we all know how that ended for him. There is no question that the Sharks are playing some pretty solid hockey. They are playing each game as if it was their last and it has paid some great dividends because they now lead the series 2:0 as they travel to Los Angeles. 

It will be exciting to see how the teams currently sitting on the edge of a sweep change up their game style to hopefully get some crucial wins.