A Game of Suspensions

The NHL Department of Player Safety was pretty busy today dealing with two incidents that occurred in Thursday night's Game 3 in New York between the Canadiens and the Rangers.

The first incident occurred at the 2:45 mark of the first period when Montreal Canadiens forward Brandon Prust threw his upper-body into New York Rangers forward Derek Stepan.

This clearly looks like a charging penalty or at least an interference penalty. Unfortunately for the Rangers, no penalty was called on Prust. Prust essentially got away with murder; for that game. It wasn't until after the game that the officials as well as the NHL decided to look into the hit. The hit was definitely a bad one; it was later concluded that Stepan suffered a broken jaw. Prust met his maker on Friday morning when he was informed that he would miss the next two games of the series. The next game Prust would be able to participate in is Game 5 in Montreal.

The second incident occurred later on in the first period at the 14:09 mark when Brandon Prust and Derek Dorsett dropped the gloves and exchanged punches. However, the fight was not cause for suspension. It's what occurred before as well as during the fight. The fight started out after Rangers forward, Daniel Carcillo got a game misconduct. As Carcillo was being escorted to the penalty box, he chopped at and elbowed linesman, Scott Driscoll. 

Rule 40.3 states that any player who physically abuses an official is automatically suspended for no less than three games. You should get your eyes checked if you don't think Carcillo 'physically abused' Driscoll. Carcillo does have a history with the NHL Department of Player Safety which played a crucial roll in determining his fate. Carcillo was given a ten games suspension since he did hit Driscoll and he has a history. Theoretically speaking, the next game that he could play in would be Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. This is only possible if the Canadiens take the Rangers to seven games and the Rangers advance and take the winner of the Kings/Blackhawks to seven games.