Some New Faces for the Capitals

At the end of the regular season, the Washington Capitals came to the conclusion that some changes had to occur if the team wanted a shot at the post season. The Washington front office decided that it was time to let head coach Adam Oates go. The Capitals were now coach-less and in search for someone who could bring a new spark to this semi-veteran team. 

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The Capitals weren't the only team to let their coach go which meant that the Washington front office had a sizable selection to choose from. One of the now jobless coach's was Barry Trotz who was previously the coach of the Nashville Predators. The fortunate thing about Trotz is his familiarity with the Washington organization. Prior to coaching the Predators, Trotz spent five years coaching Washington's AHL affiliate. So it's not like the guy was thrown into uncharted territory. 

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Now, Trotz isn't the only new thing to happen to the Washington organization. The Caps also promoted Brian MacLellan to senior vice president and general manager. It will be interesting to see what both Trotz and MacLellan can do with the Capitals this coming season. Both guys have experience in the hockey field and know what it takes to win. With MacLellan being the new GM, I'd like to see what he does in the upcoming draft as well as how he will run the organization as a whole.