Previewing Game Three of the Stanley Cup Final

The Rangers have been basking in the post season glory as they look to bring Lord Stanley back to the Big Apple for the first time in 20 years. The only thing in their way, the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions, the Los Angeles Kings, who are looking to bring the Cup back to the City of Angels. The Kings are off to a good start as they come to New York with a 2-0 series lead after an impressive double overtime victory on Saturday night. 

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It's been pretty clear that the Kings are in the drivers seat. They have been able to shutdown the Rangers offense and sneak pucks passed King Henrik and the Rangers defense. The Rangers have some improvement to do tonight if they don't want to fall down three games to none in the series. As for the Kings, they need to quit playing from behind. It's been an on going pattern with the Kings; they trail by two goals then they turn on the after burners and miraculously win in overtime.

The Blue Shirts need to learn how to maintain their leads. As mentioned before they go up by two goals and then blow the lead. They need to play sixty minutes of solid, high paced hockey and not "give up" in the third period. They also need to take advantage of their home fans. As cliche as that sounds, its true. Teams play better at home, no questions asked. If they don't want to dig themselves into a deeper hole, they need to utilize the fact that they are playing at MSG. 

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Watching the Kings, you can tell that they are comfortable in the position they are at. They are looking to end the series quickly and finish the sweep in New York. However, much like the Rangers, the Kings need some improvement. Turnovers have been the story for the Kings. Minimizing these could possibly pay dividends. The Achilles heel for the Kings; fatigue. Fatigue comes fast especially with the Kings playing their high paced style of hockey. 

Tonight could be the determinate for the 2014 Stanley Cup Champion. If the Kings are able to improve they will be in complete control of the Rangers. As for the Rangers, they need to play a solid sixty minutes and help out their goaltender.