Montreal's PK Situation

Its pretty surprising that the Montreal Canadiens have yet to sign star defender, PK Subban. 

Earlier this off season, Subban filed for salary arbitration. Basically what this means is that Montreal can't resign Subban until his arbitration hearing occurs. The long of the short of it is,  Subban is looking for more money and wants to play out the remainder of his career in Montreal. Subban, who became a restricted free agent after the 2013-14 season ended, is the next possible candidate to become the Canadiens team captain after former captain, Brian Gionta was singed to a three-year, $12.75 million contract by the Buffalo Sabres. 

Personally, I feel like it would be the right thing for the Canadiens, resigning Subban to a hefty contract. Just to get a feel for how PK ended of the regular season, he finished with 10 goals and 43 assists in his 82 games. The post season was good to him as he finished with 5 goals and 9 assists in the Canadiens 17 post season match ups. This guy is a presence on the ice that will be hard for the Canadiens to replace if they decide that they should move on.